Monday, January 18, 2016


Welcome to my new blog!  If you’ve found your way over here from Cloth Diaper Guru or if you’re just visiting—welcome! I’ll have to admit that I’ve been away from consistently blogging for quite some time. Cloth Diaper Guru was an amazing website that was very “how-to” and “Q&A” focused—I almost feel like it was a binder of protocols on how to be successful with starting to use cloth diapers.  As a researcher, I loved writing for Cloth Diaper Guru.  However, obviously I have thoughts and interests beyond just the cloth diapering and parenting space and I didn’t feel like Cloth Diaper Guru was the right venue to explore those various topics.  I was also beginning to lose a bit of my enthusiasm for blogging—I had been consistently blogging for the better part of three years and I honestly needed to take a sabbatical of sorts to focus on my new interests.   

As I get into developing this website (slowly, at my own pace), I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road.  I do hope you’ll stick with me as this site flowers into something great—an idea takes time to fully mature!  Thanks for visiting and please leave me a message with any kind comments or suggestions.

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